Welcome to El Juego – Analysing the Beautiful Game

Welcome to El Juego – the new sister blog of Robert Davison’s The Inquisitor – servicing all your football related needs. El Juego will offer insight and analysis into everything relating to the beautiful game, not only providing commentary and opinion on news items, matches and current issues associated with the game, but looking back into the history of football – to the great players and events that have shaped the sport into what it is today.

Kicking off the blog is a reprint of The Inquisitor‘s classic article on Socrates, with an in depth look at Brazil’s thrilling 1982 World Cup campaign, probably the most widely circulated article on the subject available on the web. Read how Socrates became one of the most famous and celebrated football players of his era by breaking all the moulds of the traditional athlete, and how Brazil’s most artistic and creative team ever went down in spectacular World Cup defeat.

Following on from there is a special, five part launch article ranking El Juego’s 50 Best Footballers on the Planet Today. Featuring a detailed 200 word + profile of each and every player, explaining why they matter so much in the modern game. Nothing stimulates controversy among football fans like an argument about who the best players are, and El Juego is throwing its hat in the ring right from the outset.

Much more content is planned for the coming months, but for now just remember: 

“Behind every kick of the ball there has to be a thought.”

– Dennis Bergkamp

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